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The Caribbean

PathWay Abound is our mission branch for PathWay College Outreach Ministry. We conduct yearly mission trips to assist pastors and missionaries with different ministry needs or outreach projects needs in various fields.

Dates: April 5th -13th 2020  Cost: $1,700**

This spring, we will be assisting Iglesia Bautista Betania. Our ministry includes:

  • Conference for University Students.
  • Building projects for Iglesia Bautista Betania.
  • Building projects for other church plants (such assistance is delivered to neighboring churches according to their needs.

** Important: The Cost of your trip covers: Airfares, traveler’s Insurance, accommodation, transportation, meals and the majority of the sight seeing mentioned above.

PathWay College Ministry is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization under section 170 of the IRS Code based in North Carolina. All donations received toward the cost of your mission trip will be acknowledged with an official receipt for tax purposes.

Mission Guideline Information

Since we are representing the Lord, the mission will have standards of dress, conduct, and accountability. Before you proceed to the next page, you must read and agree with the following.

a. We believe that Mission Trip Participants / Interns / Volunteers should demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ toward one another and those being served. While serving on a mission team, you represent PathWay College Ministry, your church and, more importantly, Jesus Christ.

Therefore, while participating, we ask that our team members follow these policies:

  • Alcohol, Illegal Drugs & Tobacco: We ask that you do not use tobacco products (including e-cigarettes), alcohol, or drugs while serving with PathWay College Ministry / PathWay Abound. These products or their use are not permitted at any time while ministering with PathWay College Ministry / PathWay Abound.
  • Language – Please do not use foul language or tell unclean jokes.
  • At all times stay with the team.

b. Regarding Clothing. It is not PathWay’s intention to interfere with your individual liberties. However, due to our extensive experience in foreign fields, we would like you to consider that it may be a “non-issue for you” (regarding clothing) may be a big deal (at time it may be offensive or provocative or both) to cultures we intent to minister.

We expect fot the duration of the trip that ypu be sensitive and examplify Christian conduct, even when away from ministry duties.

  • Please refrain from wearing any type of patriotic clothing (Example: T-shirts with the U.S flag, military cargo pants, military or police badges, etc.). Our host country is a communist nation; they see such clothing as American political propaganda. It is better not to get their attention.
  • While on the mission field, wear appropriate clothes as directed. Flip-flops, sandals, or open-toed shoes may not be worn during work project activities.
  • Participants should not wear tight or revealing clothing such as halter tops, tank tops, leggings, skinny jeans, bare midriff separates, short shorts or clothing with immodest images or wording that is dishonoring to Christ.
  • Participants must be fully dressed and wearing shoes when leaving the shower and sleeping quarters (this applies if you are staying with a host family).
  • Plan to bring enough clothesto change every day for the duration of your trip.


Thank you for your interest in PathWay Abound mission Opportunities. Every year, God changes lives through missions like this. It is our prayer that you will be encouraged and blessed during our mission trips.

Complete the application

You will be asked to provide personal information from basic information like your birthdate, to your ministry experiences, and even on topics related your moral convictions. We aim to get to know you and guide you on how to surrender to God’s leading in your life.

Provide two references

You want to contact a spiritual leader who is not related to you (preferably a pastor / youth pastor / Sunday School teacher, or a PathWay Staff member). You may download the reference form or forward the form to be completed digitally. The reference form must be printed and returned to PathWay in a sealed envelope.

When will I hear if I am accepted?

In order for your application to be considered complete you need to: 1. Complete & submit your application, 2. Paypal the $200 application fee, (use the Paypal link or send a check) and 3. Make sure your references have been submitted.